The Heart Behind the Music

featuring Billy Dean, Linda Davis, Mo Pitney, Ashley Campbell, and Carl Jackson

Special guest - Renee Clonts
Opening Act - Andrew Weaver

Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2018


Billy Dean

Billy first gained national attention after appearing on "Star Search" and has recorded 8 studio albums since 1990, of which 4 have been certified "Gold." He has generated more than 20 hit songs on the Billboard Country Charts including 11 Top Ten hits. His biggest hits include "Somewhere in My Broken Heart," "Only the Wind," "Only Here for a Little While," "We Just Disagree," "You Don't Count the Cost," "Let Them Be Little," and "Billy the Kid."

Linda Davis

Labeled a 'song stylist', Davis' unique ability to interpret a song has made her one of Nashville's favorite vocalists. As her talents began to catch the attention of label executives, she landed her first record deal with CBS/ Epic Records.

Davis quickly gained a legion of friends and fans in the music industry, one being superstar Reba McEntire. Their mutual respect led them into the studio together where they recorded a duet entitled "Does He Love You?" that went on to become a #1 hit and earn both artists several awards including a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Collaboration.

Mo Pitney

When Mo Pitney sings "let me tell you about country" in his debut single, he's doing more than telling. He's showing. Appropriately titled, the song "Country" is as much positioning statement as introduction. In three minutes and 16 seconds, it is almost precisely who he is in word and deed. The vocal delivery, storytelling, musicianship and reflections of his outdoor lifestyle - as well as faith, family and patriotism - offer a spot-on portrayal. Joined by early fan favorites "Clean Up On Aisle Five" and "Come Do A Little Life," the song carves an unmistakably country yet completely fresh groove for the genre. In short, it sounds like nothing else, but absolutely belongs.

Ashley Campbell

Songwriter. Singer. Banjo player. Ashley Campbell juggles all three roles, armed with the ability not only to dream up a modern country song, but to deliver it, too.

Carl Jackson

Multiple Grammy award winner, Carl Jackson, was born in the small town of Louisville, Mississippi on September 18, 1953. By the time he was eight years old, thanks to his father's influence and a burning desire inside, he was already well on his way to being an accomplished musician.

Andrew Weaver

Andrew Weaver is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Bremen, GA, a small town 40 miles west of Atlanta. He has been playing the guitar for years, but started finding his own unique lyrics in songwriting and singing around age 14. An acoustic pop singer, his set includes popular hits from Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, and Sean Mendes coupled with classics from The Beatles, Billy Joel and Elvis (and many more).

Andrew performs at various school functions, festivals, public and private events and enjoys singing competitions. In 2015, Andrew was named the Mayfest West Georgia Idol, in 2017 he won an American Idol "Front of the Line" pass as one of the winners of the 2017 WSB Atlanta Idol competition and most recently was named a 2018 American Idol Contestant for Season 1 on ABC.

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