Lee Roy Parnell

Opening Act - Angie Lynn Carter

Date: Thursday, September 5th, 2019


Lee Roy Parnell

Lee Roy Parnell is part of a long line of Texas roots-music eclectics and is among the elite few who can be identified as a triple threat. An ace guitarist, as well as a distinctive singer, and hit songwriter, his music runs the gamut of diversity. Combining the influences of Blue-Eyed Soul, Delta Blues, Road House Rock, Southern Boogie, Texas Swing, and Gospel, Parnell's sound defies conventional classification. He draws from a broad range of musical sources and combines them with seamless dexterity and, unlike many other hard-to-pigeonhole artists, Parnell has enjoyed a run of success on the country and blues charts. He reflects, "I am a writer, guitarist, vocalist & a performer. Every skill set feeds the next. I've never been able to separate one from the other. It all starts with the song and when writing I've found that nothing is stronger than the truth. It is from that wellspring that my singing and playing are born...performing, too. My goal is to keep it honest and let the listener feel what I'm feeling. No matter our different walks in life I believe that most of us experience similar emotions. I'm tapping into you as much as you are tapping into me."

Angie Lynn Carter

A small town girl with a big voice, is making some big waves in the music industry. And for good reason... Over the past 2 years Angie has recorded 2 CD's and has opened for some of rock and country music's biggest artists. Recently featured in Atlanta's #1 magazine, "Best Self Atlanta", Angie was recognized in the article, "Atlanta's Rising Stars". Angie has received many accolades as well as being nominated by the Georgia Music Awards as Georgia Female Country Artist of the Year in 2016.

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