Venue Info and Photos

Mill Town Music Hall opened as West Georgia's largest concert and entertainment venue on January 28, 2012 and the community hasn't stopped singing its praises. Since its inception, Mill Town has been home to quality entertainment covering multiple music genres. Located conveniently off I-20 in Bremen (1031 Alabama Avenue), Mill Town Music Hall has most importantly helped revitalize the West Georgia area with a boost in tourism.

The venue also acts as a perfect environment for fundraising and/or host venue for conferences. As a permanent fixture for the venue, the Blake House operates the concessions, directs parking, and maintains Mill Town to raise money for its ministry. And, The Church at Chapel Hill hosts its weekly services at the facility. Annual events have included BRIDGE Fest (the West Georgia area fight against drugs), as well as other community events such as Grow Haralson Community Planning session for Haralson County.

Venue Grand Opening

Step back in time to see where we were when we opened. We've come a long way!

Mill Town Music Hall
1031 Alabama Avenue
P.O. Box 426
Bremen, GA 30110
Phone: 770.537.6455
Fax: 770.537.1837